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We are an independent and up-and-coming company and we are happy to welcome you to our homepage.

The founder of our company, Dr. Wilhelm Müller, is the inventor of metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels.

This family-owned company is now in its third generation and has been in existence for over 70 years. It has been able to constantly extend its range of products based upon the needs of the market and increase its quality standard with the DIN EN ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4 certification.

Our 160-hands team of specialists is continually working at addressing your individual grinding or dressing problems and actively supporting you in solving your them.

Werk in Weilheim
Werk Weilheim
1935 Dr. Wilhelm Müller set up the company in Berlin and invented and manufactured metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels
1944 the company was destroyed in the war
1947 resuming production in the county of Munich
1955 moving into our own spaces in Feldafing on Lake Starnberg
1962 the company’s founder died and the second generation continued with the company
1965 production of artificial resin-bonded diamond grinding wheels
1970 production of diamond dressing rolls
1982 expanding our production plant in Feldafing
1989 production of ceramically bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels
1991 the third generation enters into the company
2002 expanding the company to a second plant in Weilheim
2006 buying and continuation of the company by Michael Schulze. He is the grandchild from company's founder
2007 change of corporate form from Dr. Wilh. Müller DIAMANTMETALL • Inh. Michael Schulze e.K. to Dr. Müller DIAMANTMETALL AG
2008 Relocation of production and management in the new premises of the third plant in Weilheim/OBB.